標題 An Analysis of President Tsai's Visit to Swaziland:The Importance of Maintaining Diplomatic Allies
作者 Dr. Chen-shen Yen(嚴震生博士)
出版年月 201804
關鍵詞 Taiwan's Diplomatic Relations; eSwatini
標題 The Impact of U.S.-China Trade Friction on Both Countries and the Global Economy
作者 Mr. Shih-chung Liu(劉世忠先生)
出版年月 201804
關鍵詞 U.S.-China Trade Friction; Donald Trump
標題 An Analysis of the Taiwan Travel Act and Its Implications for US, China and Taiwan Relations
作者 Dr. Ming-hsien Wong(翁明賢博士)
出版年月 201804
關鍵詞 Taiwan Travel Act; Indo-Pacific Strategic
標題 Xi Jinping Is Riding the Back of the Tiger
作者 Dr. Jiann-fa Yan(顏建發博士)
出版年月 201803
關鍵詞 Two Sessions; Cross-Strait Relations; Xi Jinping
標題 Northeast Asian Security after North Korea's Joining the Winter Olympics
作者 Dr. Tung-chieh Tsai(蔡東杰博士)
出版年月 201803
關鍵詞 North Korea; Denuclearization; Donald Trump
標題 The Analysis of the Impact of Trump's Tariff on Global Trade
作者 Dr. Ming-fang Tsai(蔡明芳博士)
出版年月 201802
關鍵詞 Donald Trump; America First; Tariff-Raising Policy
標題 M503 Flight Route Disputes
作者 Dr. Kuo-cheng Chang(張國城博士)
出版年月 201802
關鍵詞 Cross-Strait Relations; M503 Flight Route; China
標題 Spain's Extradition of Suspects is Evidence of China's Increasing Pressure on Taiwan
作者 Dr. Ketty W. Chen(陳婉宜博士)
出版年月 201801
標題 Trump's National Security Strategy and Taiwan's Changing Security Environment
作者 Dr. J. Michael Cole (寇謐將博士)
出版年月 201801
關鍵詞 Donald Trump; National Security Strategy; Taiwan