標題 Taiwan Relations Act at 40, What Next?
作者 Dr. Parris H. Chang(張旭成教授)
出版年月 201904
標題 Peace Accord between Taiwan and China: Much Ado about Nothing?
作者 Mr. Raymond C-E Sung(宋承恩先生)
出版年月 201903
標題 Next Steps and Regional Responses to the Second Trump-Kim Summit
作者 Dr. Tung-chieh Tsai(蔡東杰博士)
出版年月 20903
標題 Taiwan and Xi Jin-ping's Expansionism
作者 Dr. Jiann-fa Yan(顏建發博士)
出版年月 201902
標題 Mitigating China's Threat to Taiwanese Telecom Networks
作者 Mr. Holmes Liao(廖宏祥先生)
出版年月 201902
標題 ARIA and Its Impact upon the Indo-Pacific Region
作者 Dr. Ming-hsien Wong(翁明賢博士)
出版年月 201901
標題 Xi's 40-year Anniversary Address and the Direction and Challenges of China's Economic Policy
作者 Dr. Roy C. Lee(李淳博士)
出版年月 201901
標題 Prospects for the US-China Relations-From Economic Conflict to Strategic Antagonism
作者 Dr. Parris H. Chang(張旭成博士)
出版年月 201812
標題 Reflection and Countermeasures on Misinformation after the Nine-in-One Local Election
作者 Mr. Tzu-wei Huang(黃子維先生)
出版年月 201812